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Yury Karamzin: Road through Gorky Park is illegal

20.07.2010    source:

National Deputy and First Deputy Chair of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Justice Issues Yury Karamzin states that the construction workers do not have the necessary documents for the building of a road through Kharkiv’s Gorky Park

Mr Karamzin, during a broadcast on a Kharkiv television channel, stated: “I am awaiting an immediate decision from the Head of the Regional Administration to stop any work. I assert that at the present time there is no cost-breakdown documentation for carrying out the work.”

He said that he plans to inform the Council of Europe of the lawlessness going on in Kharkiv in relation to the forest park zones.

Mr Karamzin said that at the worksite there is still a sign which states that “a permit was given on 26 May to carry out preparatory work.”, yet is adamant that there is no permit for the felling of even one tree.

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