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Blacklists are out, but no explanation of why V. Ovsiyenko was on it

28.07.2010    source:

Commentary from Ukraine’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs over the ban on entering the Russian Federation imposed on Vasyl Ovsienko.

The Ministry asked for an explanation from their counterpart in the Russian Federation regarding the refusal to allow Mr Ovsiyenko into Russia on the night of 22 July.

In connection with this issue on 23 July there was a telephone conversation between Ukraine’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, K. Hryshchenko and the Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs for the Russian Federation, A. Denisov. This question was also given special attention during a meeting between Ukraine’s Ambassador in Russia and the Acting Head of Russia’s MFA on 26 July.

According to the results of this clarification of the circumstances, the Russian side at high level expressed regret to the Ukrainian side over the refusal to grant entry to Ukrainian national V. Ovsiyenko. The 

Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs for the Russian Federation informed of measures taken to ensure that there was no repetition of such incidents in future and confirmed the decision by the President of the Russian Federation to abolish, on a bilateral basis, the practice of “blaclists”.

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