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Court bans protest action during Yanukovych visit to Chernivtsi


The Chernivtsi District Administrative Court has banned the regional branch of the party VO Svoboda from holding a protest action on 7 August during a visit by Viktor Yanukovych.

The application came from the Chernivtsi City Council’s Executive Committee which asked for a ban on any protests during the visit in the centre. They claimed that this would get in the way of festivities to mark the 70th anniversary of the creation of the Chernivtsi region.

The court allowed the application, considering that the protest by the Svoboda members could provoke confrontation between representatives of different political movements.

A representative of VO Svoboda (a rightwing political party with nationalist slogans) said that “the ban by the authorities, using courts under their control, of peaceful protest actions, restriction of constitutional rights of citizens to freedom of peaceful assembly and freedom of speech demonstrates the fear of Yanukovych’s regime of its own people”.

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