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Crimean opposition channel’s property frozen

11.08.2010    source:

The President of the Black Sea Television and Radio Broadcasting Company Tetyana Krasikova has stated that the property of the company has been seized. She adds that the investigator from the Tax Police of the Department of the State Tax Administration in the Crimea issued the decision on Monday, with it covering the building. She asserts that it is linked with a criminal investigation that the company has no relation to.

Ms Krasikova says that the check into the company’s activities started at the beginning of July and that they intend to appeal against the decision. The Tax Police themselves refuse to comment.

Control over this Crimean channel which its own staff call the only opposition channel in the Crimea is effectively in the hands of Deputy from BYuT [Yulia Tymoshenko’s bloc) Andriy Senchenko.  At a press conference called over the seizure of the property, Mr Semchenko was scathing about the actions of the authorities and asserted that since the new team had come to power in the Crimea the relevant groups had been created out of representatives of the law enforcement agencies which “are effectively blocking the opposition’s work”.

At the channel they link the latest events with the beginning of the election campaign. Ms Krasikova asserts that there have been a number of attempts to put pressure on the channel specifically on the eve of elections.

Other opposition deputies have also criticized the seizure of the Black Sea Television and Radio Broadcasting Company’s property and stress that this is how those in power are demonstrating how they will deal with media outlets which are not loyal to them.

The leaders of the country have not commented.

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