Transparency International expresses concern over situation with freedom of speech in Ukraine

19.08.2010 |

In an official letter to Volodymyr Sivkovych, Deputy Prime Minister on Enforcement Issues, Transparency International has expressed concern over the situation with freedom of speech in Ukraine, especially over the ruling of a Kyiv court to deprive TVi and Channel 5 of their broadcasting frequencies. Telekrika says that they have received a copy of the letter from members of the civic campaign “New Citizen”.

The letter states that Transparency International is disturbed by the conflict in this situation between State institutions and the owners of private channels. According to Miklos Marshall, who signed the letter, this confrontation of interests could undermine faith in any further decisions by the regulatory bodies. It also expresses its hope that the court hearings in the case of TVi and Channel 5 will be open to the public.

Mr Marshall stresses that during his meeting with Volodymyr Sivkovych on 20 May in Kyiv, the latter said that a it was a direct obligation of the Ukrainian government to ensure the fight against corruption. The letter stresses that independent media outlets are one of the important pillars of democracy and of a good government, just as is the fight against corruption. There can be no transparency with independent media and there is accordingly no other way of fighting corruption than through transparency.  Independent and professional journalists are, it says, your best allies.

The organization expresses the hope that the Ukrainian government will ensure freedom of speech without which no anti-corruption reforms can be effective.

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