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Head of Central Election Commission also sceptical about new law on elections

02.09.2010    source:

In an interview to Interfax Ukraine, the Head of the Central Election Commission Andriy Mahera has said that some of the provisions of the law on the local elections may be appealed in the Constitutional Court.

“To expect a 100% judgment from the Constitutional Court finding that this law is in keeping with the Constitution, I think, is hardly possible. There are many questions which arouse doubts”, he said.

This applies, for example, to the election of half of the makeup of district and regional councils according to a proporitional system. Mr Mahera stressed that “the manner of electing district and regional councils must comply with the Constitution”.

“According to the Constitution, district and regional councils are not simply representative bodies of local self-government, but are bodies which should represent the common interests of territorial communities, villages, settlements and cities”.

“It therefore remains an open question to what extent deputies elected according to a single candidate list can represent the common interests of the territorial communities of villages, settlements and cities of a particular region.”

In Mr Mahera’s view, the Constitutional Court may also receive submissions over the provisions stipulating that people cannot put themselves forward as candidates for city mayor.

“I don’t know how the Constitutional Court will view the fact that candidates, for example, for city mayor cannot put themselves forward, and how constitutional this norm is.”

However in general Mr Mahera approved of the amendments made to the law at the special session of the Verkhovna Rada on 30 August. These abolished the prohibition on parties taking part which had not been registered in the area for a year or more.

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