SBU checks cooperation between International Renaissance Foundation and civic organization

07.09.2010 |

The Executive Director of the International Renaissance Foundation [IRF] reports that several civic organizations in the Kyiv region carrying out projects financed by IRF have been approached by the Security Service [SBU]. They have been asked for information about the aims and tasks of their projects, their financial component and assessment of their impact on the pre-election situation in Ukraine.  Since none of the projects have a political element, the meetings have ended on this note.

In view of the above, the Foundation’s Administration would ask the structures involved to note that IRF, according to its charter, does not have the right to support initiatives of any political party.

We would also request that they note the fact that during various elections the Foundation has never supported projects aimed at anything other than honesty and freedom of the voters to express their will. If we support any civic organizations during the elections in autumn 2010, this support will be directed at such non-party affiliated initiatives.

We would take the opportunity to point out the following: if the SBU directed its powers obtained at the expense of tax-paying voters at really ensuring that the elections were honest, that administrative resources were not used, etc, then such foundations as ours could much more profitably use the financial resources thus freed up for the development of an open, uncorrupted and democratic society in Ukraine.

Yevhen Bystrytsky,

Executive Director, International Renaissance Foundation

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