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Ukrainians remain unconvinced of power via the ballot box

27.09.2010    source:

A survey by the sociological group “Rating”, has found that more than half of the Ukrainian voters questioned are most worried about rigging of the results of the October 31 Local Elections.

According to the Head of the Committee of Voters of Ukraine [CVU], Oleksandr Chernenko, the results provide confirmation that voters do not have faith in the elections, with almost 60% expecting their electoral will to be distorted. Of these 20% expect significant amounts of vote rigging.

Expectation of rigging highest in West and Centre

The number of voters worried about vote rigging is higher in western and central regions of the country, as compared with the South and East. Chernenko sees this difference as being linked to the geographical spread of supporters and opponents of the present regime.  After all the majority of voters concentrated in the South and East who supported Yanukovych in the presidential elections are not disillusioned with their choice and expect an improvement in their life after the local elections.

Indifference to party affiliation

According to the Head of CUV, the study showed that 50% are in favour of a partial return to the majority system of elections. However the vast majority were opposed to candidates being put forward according to party lists. “People expect city mayors and managers in the local council. Only 9 percent of voters are worried about the party affiliation of candidates to local councils.”

Chernenko pointed out that half those surveyed expressed willingness to vote. From experience of election campaigns, he expects turnout to be around 60%.

Oleksandr Savytsky

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