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Peaceful protest banned for the sake of “image”

22.10.2010    source:
The Kyiv administrative court considered that a protest calling for the dismissal of highly controversial Education Minister Tabachnyk during the visit of Canada’s and Russia’s Prime Ministers could have an adverse affect on the country’s image

According to the party’s press service, the party “For Ukraine!” has been prohibited by the Kyiv District Administrative Court from holding a demonstration outside the President’s Administration calling for the dismissal of the Minister of Education Dmytro Tabachnyk.  

The court apparently notes that “from 24 to 26 October visits are to take place of the Canadian Prime Minister, and on 27 October the Prime Minister of the RF Vladimir Putin”.

According to the court ruling, “mass events near the premises of the President’s Administration would adversely affect the image of Ukraine’s capital making a bad impression on high-ranking public officials of other countries about the country as a whole”.

“For Ukraine” activists are on Friday holding a protest on Lyuteranska St.  The party’s leader, National Deputy Viacheslav Kyrylenko, tabled a resolution in parliament the very day that Tabachnyk was appointed Minister, and the party has since been waging a campaign to get him removed.

Tabachnyk’s choice was less than welcome to a large number of Ukrainians, especially in the West of the country, since his contemptuous remarks about people from Halychyna have not even stopped with his appointment.  As well as controversial changes to history textbooks, he has from the first day been against the system of external assessment (ZNO) for entry to higher education. This had been viewed as one of the few real moves to fight corruption in education (or any other sphere.

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