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President’s Birthday Party Expenses – Classified Information

08.11.2010    source:

The President’s Administration has refused to state how much was spent on the celebrations of President Yanukovych’s birthday from 9 – 11 July 2010. 

In a letter to the Internet website Ukrainska Pravda, First Deputy Head of the Administration, Olena Lukash writes:

“According to Article 27 of the Law on Information, official documents containing confidential information and information which pertains to the personal life of citizens do not have to be provided in response to information requests.”.

Ukrainska Pravda had asked to be informed as to the amount spent on preparation and the holding of the celebrations and the size of the fees to performers for their appearances (at least two of whom could be expected to ask a lot – translator).

It also asked whether trees on the territory of the residence “Zalissya” had been cut down in order to build the pavilion that the festivities took place on.

The President’s Administration is claiming that “an analysis of the questions raised in the letter shows that they do not concern the activities either of the Head of State, or of the President’s Administration”. Ukrainska Pravda notes that it received a similar refusal to its request for information about Yanukovych’s “club house”.   On 30 August 2010, during an address to members of the German establishment, Yanukovych said that he had built one such club building, that it was built by a Finnish company.  “However we, all the members of the club wanted it to look good, both inside and outside.”

Ukrainska Pravda asked for information about the location of this “club building”, its name and profile, its activities, and who financed its construction.

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