Concern for Yakov Strogan, victim of police torture


Information has been received from Yakov Strogan’s lawyer suggesting that the police are organizing his client’s arrest. The only grounds for taking him into custody would be that he has been convicted previously.  The police are failing to take into account the fact that over the last 5 years he has lived in Kharkiv without any problems with the law and has certainly not been hiding from the police. 

His state of health after the beatings and tortures he endured make the conditions of SIZO [remand unit]  quite inconceivable.

The terrible irony is that the charges that appear to be being brought against Strogan are of causing medium level bodily injuries.  As reported, he received just such injuries and has not been able to get a criminal investigation against the police officers involved.

See Lesson on Torture from the Kharkiv Police


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