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Police detain “or summon for questioning” two Tax Code Protesters

17.12.2010    source:

The National Coordination Council of Ukrainian Entrepreneurs reported on Thursday that two participants in the protests against the new Tax Code had been detained by the police. The Council’s statement reads:

“It would appear that the authorities are planning a show punishment of participants in the protests against the Tax Code to frighten people so that next time they don’t come out to defend their rights”.

According to the Council’s information, on Thursday at around 12.00  Serhiy Kozak and Roman Safanyuk were detained at the Kyiv Petrivka Market. They are accused of unauthorized blocking of a road in the centre which according to the police took place on 22 November, and over which a criminal investigation has been initiated.

It was reported then that the two men had been taken to the Kyiv Regional Central MIA Department. The National Coordination Council of Ukrainian Entrepreneurs called on journalists and all concerned to ring the MIA numbers and ask whether Serhiy Kozak and Roman Safanyuk were there.

The site also states that Serhiy Kostakov, another person detained for his part in the protest action, on 10 December, without the presence of a lawyer or relatives, had his period of custody in the Lukyanivsk SIZO [remand unit] extended. It says that there is a danger that torture will be applied.

The Police on the other hand assert that the two Maidan protersters were taken for questioning as witnesses.

The MIA Public Liaison Centre states that “they were not detained, but taken to the investigation unit to provide explanation as witnesses as part of a criminal investigation into events of 22 November. And they are providing testimony as witnesses.  The statement also says that those identified through photo and video footage during the events of 22 November also be questioned in this case.

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