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Police detain two more members of civic organization Tryzub

21.01.2011    source:

On 19 January 2011 the police detained two more members of Tryzub on suspicion of involvement in the destruction of the bust to Stalin on Communist Party land in Zaporizhya. According to Tetyana Tarasenko from the organization “Zhinocha Sich”, the two young men are Anatoly Onufriychuk and Vasyl Abramiv, with this bringing to 11 the number of members of Tryzub detained over the incident.

According to Ms Tarasenko, the police are not allowing lawyers or family members to see the members detained. She says that they include students, and that all are in very bad conditions and their relatives have no information about them.

Once again the report is of the police, rather than the Security Service, detaining these young men however the explosion which destroyed the highly controversial bust of the dictator on 31 December 2010 has been classified as under Article 258 of the Criminal Code (act of terrorism).

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