“Case” of writer Maria Matios returned to the Prosecutor

Writer Maria Matios informs that she has received a letter from the Minister of the Interior, Anatoly Mohylyov, dated 21 January, regarding the checks carried out in response to an appeal from Communist Party National Deputy Petro Tsybenko.

The Minister states that the law enforcement bodies acted in accordance with material sent by the Prosecutor General’s Office. He says that a letter was sent “to the Prosecutor General V. Pshonka signed by the Head of the Council of the Organization of Veterans of Ukraine, National Deputy Petro Tsybenk, asking that a check be organized and decision taken in accordance with legislation regarding the “shameful comparisons of the obelisk on the Grave of the Unknown Soldier of the Memorial Complex “Park of Eternal Glory” in Kyiv, and on other issues in M. Matios’ book “Pages taken from an autobiography”.

The letter says that all material taken has been sent to the Prosecutor of the Pechersky District in Kyiv “since the facts established do not require reaction or intervention by the law enforcement agencies”.

At the end of November 2010 Communist Party National Deputy Petro Tsybenko sent a Deputy requiest to the Prosecutor General asking for a legal assessment of Maria Matios’ statements in the above-mentioned book.  The Kyiv Police deny placing any pressure on the writer and say that they were carrying out the instructions of the Prosecutor General.

As reported here, in early January Maria Matios addressed an open letter to the Prosecutor General Viktor Pshonka in which she complained of having been the object of political harassment following the publication of her last books. She writes that in December the police searched for her at the Lviv publishing house Pyramida, and at the beginning of January the police looked for her at a Kyiv address where she and her family had once rented accommodation.

Maria Matios said that such actions “bear all the hallmarks of blackmail and unwarranted psychological pressure”.

The “statements” which Tsybenko and veterans have objected to would seem to be the “comparison by the author of the Victory memorial in the capital to a phallus”.

New information reported by Radio Svoboda

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