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Report that Lutsenko’s assets have been frozen a PR move?

28.01.2011    source:
Yury Lutsenko’s family is dismissive of the Prosecutor General’s Office report on Friday stating that his assets have been frozen and say that this happened at least two months ago

The Press Service of the Prosecutor General’s Office stated on Friday that an injunction had been placed on the property of former Minister of the Interior Yury Lutsenko, as well as that of three employees in his ministry.  The report said that the charges against Lutsenko had been finalized.  He is accused of the offences under:

Article 191 § 5 of the Criminal Code (appropriating State property on a particularly large scale through abuse of official position, with the prior conspiracy of a group of people);

- Article 365 § 3 (exceeding official powers leading to grave consequences);

- Article 364 § 3 (abuse of power and official position which caused significant damage to civil rights protected by law and committed by an employee of a law enforcement body).

The report asserts that the investigators have established loss to the State of over 970 thousand UAH  (See for initial comments on the criminal case from Yury Lutsenko’s lawyer).

Yury Lutsenko’s family is dismissive of the Prosecutor General’s Office report. His elder brother says that the report is yet another lie since the property was frozen at least two months ago, when the criminal investigation was initiated. He says that somebody in the PGO clearly has nothing to do and came up with this public statement which again demonstrates their lack of professionalism and scruples.

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