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Criminal investigation initiated against daughter of Supreme Court Head

04.02.2011    source:
The Prosecutor General has initiated a criminal investigation against the younger daughter of Vasyl Onopenko, Head of the Supreme Court. This comes less than two months after the criminal proceedings and remand in custody of Mr Onopenko’s son-in-law and former First Deputy Minister of Justice in Yulia Tymoshenko’s Government, Yevhen Korniychuk. It is reported that the Prosecutor General’s Office was approached on 1 February by Mr Ksyonzenko who asked for criminal proceedings to be brought against Iryna Onopenko and her husband V. Kotlyarov over alleged fraud. They are suspected of not returning 300 thousand dollars borrowed, a part of which was allegedly needed by Vasyl Onopenko for “resolving some issue” Kommersant – Ukraine assumes that Mr Ksyonzenko is the owner of the Bank of Regional Development (since 3 December 2009 in liquidation). Vasyl Onopenko says that he knows only that there is a loan agreement and a claim in the Pechersky District Court in Kyiv for the loan to be repaid, “but these are ordinary civil – legal relations”. He adds that he has no connection with the money which was supposedly borrowed for him. He maintains that the criminal investigation is a form of pressure on him. He did not wish to elaborate on who was trying to exert such pressure. As reported, the Venice Commission of the Council of Europe in October 2010 expressed concern over a number of elements of Yanukovych’s “judicial reform” , in particular the radical reduction in the role of the Supreme Court and powers, not envisaged by the Constitution, given to the High Council of Justice. New information from Kommersant-Ukraine
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