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Search of Head of Supreme Court’s home

05.02.2011    source:
The search is linked with the criminal investigation against Vasyl Onopenko’s daughter although the claim against her has only just been lodged and 10 days are stipulated in legislation for checking such claims

The information agency UNIAN quotes a source in the Supreme Court as reporting that a search was carried out on Friday 3 February of the home of Vasyl Onopenko, Head of the Supreme Court.  The search is apparently linked with a criminal investigation over “fraud” against Onopenko’s daughter and son-in-law. 

“In the late evening yesterday, a search was undertaken of the flat of Head of the Supreme Court, Vasyl Onopenko by the investigator into especially important cases of the Prosecutor General and officers of the Central Department for Fighting Organized Crime”.

“The investigator explained that this was part of the criminal investigation initiated against his younger daughter, Iryna Onopenko and produced a court warrant from the Pechersky District Court in Kyiv.

“The next day Onopenko learned that the case involves not only his daughter, but he himself as Head of the Supreme Court”, the source stated.   It also said that the case did indeed involve a loan made by Iryna Onopenko, however not of 300 thousand UAH as asserted by the press, citing the Prosecutor General, but of 50 thousand.  The agreement was concluded back on 15 May 2008, with the money supposed to be returned by 1 December 2008.

The source said that it was most strange that the criminal case had been initiated by the Prosecutor General immediately after a report issued from the claimant although Article 97 of the Criminal Procedure Code states that 10 days are allowed for checking statements, collecting information, demanding documents, etc.

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