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Ministry denies that conscript died of a brain injury

22.02.2011 |

A young man on military service has died in one of the units of the Internal Military Forces of the Ministry of Internal Affairs stationed near Kyiv. The information agency UNIAN cites an “informed source” in the MIA Internal Military Forces as saying that the death happened around 10-11 February (literally at the beginning of the second third) in Military Unit No. 3027 in Novopetrivka.

The soldier working with police dogs was placed in an MIA hospital where he died soon after. According to doctors, the conscript died as the result of a head and brain injury.

The same source, however, stated that after the incident, the soldiers in that unit had had their mobile telephones removed by the command without any explanation and they had been told not to tell anyone about what had happened.

The Press Service of the MIA Internal Military Forces have denied information that the soldier serving in the dog-training unit died from a head and brain injury. They add that the man had complained of headaches before being called up for military service.  

They say that around a month ago the conscript was hospitalized in the pulmonary unit of the MIA Hospital, then a while after having been discharged, in the gastroenterology department where he had been for around a month. While in the gastroenterology department, others from the ward say that he lost consciousness and was in emergency care in a coma for 4 days where he died.

The Press Service therefore maintains that his death was the result of a congenital illness, the results of which could appear at any moment.

The same Press Service also categorically denies the information received by UNIAN that after “the incident” the conscripts serving with the deceased man had their mobile telephones removed and were told not to tell anybody about “the incident”. They called this “complete nonsense”, stressing that the military prosecutor had carried out a check over the incident and had not found any grounds for initiating a criminal investigation  (the text uses “the incident” throughout, here only where it is quite clearly the word used by the Press Service – translator).

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