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Court upholds Lutsenko’s continued remand in custody

25.02.2011    source:

On Friday the Kyiv Court of Appeal upheld the 16 February ruling handed down by the Pechersky District Court extending the remand in custody until 26 April of former Minister of the Interior, Yury Lutsenko.  The court rejected the appeal from Lutsenko and his lawyer, Ihor Fomin against the first instance court’s decision  

The court stated in its decision that the evidence presented by the Prosecutor General’s Investigator asserting the need for Lutsenko’s remand in custody had been checked by the first instance court. It rejected the assertion from Lutsenko and his lawyer that the first ruling had been made with infringements of the Criminal Procedure Code, saying that it had not found significant infringements.

The panel of judges spent 20 minutes in the consulting chamber before announcing their decision.  Having heard it, the National Deputies present in the courtroom shouted “Shame!”, “Cowards!”, “the time will come and you’ll have to answer for this!”  As reported earlier, Lutsenko’s lawyer’s request that his client be brought to the court hearing was rejected.

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