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Prosecutor’s refusal to investigate unlawful police search of Vinnytsa Human Rights Group overturned


On Tuesday, 5 April 2010, the Leninsky District Court in Vinnytsa considered an application lodged by the Coordinator of the Vinnytsa Human Rights Group, Dmytro Groisman.  This asked the court to overturn the decision of the Vinnytsa Regional Prosecutor’s Office refusing to initiate a criminal investigation against Vinnytsa police officers. The latter in October 2010, without a warrant, carried out what was effectively a search of the Vinnytsa Human Rights Group’s office and removed financial documents, computers and files on refugee cases, including asylum application material ready to be passed to the court.

Judge A. Osaulov accepted the claim brought by Dmytro Groisman and revoked as unlawful the decision by Vinnytsa’s Deputy Prosecutor Dobrosedov to turn down the application to initiate a criminal investigation against the police officers involved.

The Vinnytsa Human Rights Group believes that if Judge Osaulov’s ruling comes into force, this will present an important opportunity for an honest and fair check of the circumstances and reasons for the unlawful actions of the Vinnytsa police who used an already questionable pretext regarding “pornography” to search and remove material from a human rights organization. 

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