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Case over Death in Police Custody of Ihor Indylo returned for further investigation

14.04.2011    source:


The criminal investigation over the death in the Shevchenkivsky District Police Station of young student Ihor Indylo has been sent for additional examination by the Prosecutor’s investigators. According to lawyer Oleksandr Zarutsky, who is representing Ihor Indylo’s family, the relevant decision was issued by the Desnyansky District Court in Kyiv on Wednesday. The court decided that this was needed in order to obtain further information, for example, about one of the witnesses.

Mr Zarutsky said that at the given stage the case is concluded. He also noted that after the said investigative measures had been carried out by the Prosecutor’s Office, the case should not be examined by the same makeup of the court.

Ihor Indylo died during the night of his twentieth birthday in May 2010. He had had a few drinks with a friend the previous evening who was not going to be in Kyiv the next day, and apparently had an altercation with a police officer living at the student hostel. The latter asked Ihor to come to the police station. By the morning he was dead.

The police claimed that he fell on the floor in a state of inebriation. Thanks initially to a report on TV 1 + 1, information about the young man’s death spread and caused considerable protest.  Probably as a result of the publicity, a criminal investigation was initiated and charges laid against two officers, although these are of “professional negligence” and exceeding their official duties

New information reported at UNIAN

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