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Young activists charged with damaging statue to Stalin released pending trial

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At the same time another court, this time in Lutsk, allowed an application from the Mayor for a ban on two organizations collecting money for two more statues to the dictator


On 13 April 2011 the Zhovtnevy District Court in Zaporizhya released from custody seven members of the nationalist organization Tryzub who are charged with cutting off the head of the monument to Joseph Stalin on the territory of the Zaporizhya Communist Party. Judge Viktor Tatarynov allowed the application from lawyers and the representations of four National Deputies [MPs] offering to act as guarantors.

According to one of the Deputies, Andriy Parubiy from Our Ukraine – People’s Self-Defence, “Ukrainian patriots should not be in the same cell as criminals. Their release from the SIZO [remand unit] means that the law has finally taken precedence over politics and that we have succeeded in stopping the madness”. Members of the Communist Party met the news with scepticism. Alexander Zubchesky from the Zaporizhya Communist Party Regional Committee noted that if the young men do not appear in court, the National Deputies cannot be taken to court since they have diplomatic immunity.

On Wednesday the Lutsk City Council informed that on 12 April the Volyn District Administrative Court prohibited the Lenin Communist Union of Ukrainian Youth and the Anti-Fascist Committee of Ukraine from gathering donations towards erecting statues to Stalin in Lutsk and Zaporizhya  (the beheaded statue to the dictator was, on 31 December 2010, destroyed in an explosion.  Nobody has been charged with causing the explosion – translator).  The organizers had on 11 April informed the Mayor of Lutsk, Mykola Romaniuk, that they would be collecting donations until 1 June and set up posts on the central square of the city.  Romaniuk applied to the court to get this stopped.  Alexandr Kononovych from the Anti-Fascist Committee of Ukraine says that they will be collecting in a different place and appealing against the ruling in the Lviv Court of Appeal.

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