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Kyiv Post editorial team deny assertions from the owner and continue their strike

19.04.2011    source:


The Kyiv Post editorial team are continuing the strike called over the dismissal of the Chief Editor, Brian Bonner over his refusal to remove an article.

“We hope to receive answers to some of our questions during a meeting with the publisher Mohammad Zahoor scheduled for Tuesday evening, 19 April”, they state in a message circulated on Monday.

“One of our key questions is how the publisher can guarantee freedom of speech in his own newspaper when he has himself acknowledged an act of censorship.”

They point out that Zahoor’s statement that a Chief Editor is already working in the newspaper is not correct.

“Besides access to the English and Ukrainian sites і  the editorial team have had access to system folders and files blocked.” They add that those not working on the new issue have been asked to leave the premises.

The Kyiv Post editorial team say that representatives of the owner are trying to present Bonner’s dismissal as the result of differences in views regarding editorial policy and a commercial conflict arising over a number of financial indicators for which Bonner was supposedly answerable.

“The editorial team is forced to state that these assertions have no relation to the truth”.

They also say that Mr Zahoor has hired a PR company PBN to try to rectify the international damage caused by the scandal caused by censorship from him. 

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