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Lutsenko rejects forced feeding

06.05.2011    source:


Former Minister of Internal Affairs, Yury Lutsenko who has been in custody since December 2010, has passed a statement to the Prosecutor General, Viktor Pshonka, via his wife. He warns that he will resist attempts to make him eat even if officers of the SIZO [pre-trial detention centre] use force. “I am ready to stand up for my rights with the highest price of my life. Freedom and lawfulness are worth it”.

His demands, he says, have not changed.

“Review and cancel the unlawful, in no way justified, decision of the investigator for my remand in custody to be continued ever after the completion of all investigative actions by myself and my lawyers”.

His second demand was to be permitted to see a dermatologist.

He also reminded the Prosecutor General that “as a protest against the unlawful and in no way warranted and politically motivated decision of the Prosecutor General’s Office and Kyiv Court of Appeal to extend my remand in custody, on 23 April I declared a hunger strike”.

He added that the PGO Press Service under Pshonka’s control “has been cynically spreading lies, claiming that he is continuing to receive food parcels”.

“During the medical examination on 1 May, the doctors found that I had lost 14 kilograms, sharp fluctuations in pressure, as well as a high level of acetone in the blood. In view of this they announced force feeding “with a mixture for people on hunger strike” which was supposed to stop the increase in acetone which could have fatal consequences”, he stated.

“Despite this, the PGO Press Service under your control, has again cynically said that my state of health is satisfactory and that I am eating a nutritional mixture, sausage and other food products”. 

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