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Mayor of Uzhhorod bans action in support of Public Information Law

08.05.2011    source:

The Mayor of Uzhhorod, Viktor Pohoryelov has attempted to ban a street action “Breakthrough to information!” which local civic activists are planning to hold on 10 May 2011 to mark the entry into force of the Law on Access to Public Information.

The civic network New Citizen reports that in a letter to the organizer of the action, the Mayor stated that the action was possible only if the decisions of the city Executive Committee and Uzhhorod City Council regarding the place of the action and agreeing it with interested institutions and organizations. In this, the Mayor was referring to a Mayor’s Office decision from 1999 which stated that public actions are only possible in three designated places, these being parks and squares where people rarely gather and which are difficult for journalists to get to.

The organizers of the action in support of access to public information point out that the decision referred to is in breach of Ukraine’s Constitution and therefore plan to continue with their action in the place planned, that being the Post Office Square in the city.

One of the initiators of the event, Yulia Dub, stresses that actions can only be banned by court order, and theirs will be going ahead.

During the week a number of civic organizations are planning events in all regional centres of Ukraine. This is part of a civic initiative to launch a national campaign on implementing and monitoring enforcement of the new Law on Access to Public Information. 

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