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Former Minister of Internal Affairs and opposition politician Yury Lutsenko moved to hospital

Former Minister of Internal Affairs, Yury Lutsenko’s party, People’s Self-Defence, reports that Lutsenko was moved to hospital yesterday with his lawyers and family learning about this from the press


The website of former Minister of Internal Affairs, Yury Lutsenko’s party, People’s Self-Defence, reports that Yury Lutsenko was moved to hospital yesterday with his defenders learning of this from the press. It states that the Prosecutor General’s Office is regrettably continuing to communicate with Lutsenko’s lawyers exclusively via the media.

Ihor Fomin, Lutsenko’s lawyer states that they were informed that Yury Lutsenko had been moved to the Ambulance Clinic on Bratyslavska St at about 5.30 on Tuesday evening. Fomin, Lutsenko’s wife, Iryna and elder brother had tried to find out from the Chief Doctor what had prompted the move and which department he had been placed in, but were given no information.

A serious guard has been positioned outside Lutsenko’s room and a representative of the Prosecutor’s office is at the hospital.

Iryna Lutsenko has been unable to find out any specific reasons for her husband’s hospitalization. As reported yesterday, she had just the day before given a press briefing where she warned of a serious deterioration in Lutsenko’s health.

On Tuesday the Human Rights Ombudsperson also addressed an appeal to the Prosecutor General to have Yury Lutsenko’s remand in custody reassessed.

His lawyer, Ihor Fomin, told the newspaper Kommersant that this transfer to hospital could have no impact on Lutsenko’s intention to continue his hunger strike in protest at the unwarranted extension of his remand in custody. 

As reported, the reasons for remanding the former Minister of Internal Affairs and one of the leading figures of the opposition in custody even back in December aroused serious concern in Ukraine and abroad.  The decision of the Kyiv Court of Appeal on 21 April to extend his remand for another month prompted Lutsenko to go on hunger strike. It is not only the Human Rights Ombudsperson who finds this latest ruling disturbingly unwarranted.

New information from Kommersant-Ukraine and the website of People’s Self-Defence

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