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Parliament rewrites public procurement rules

18.05.2011    source:
According to the amendments passed by the ruling majority, there will now be no need to receive the agreement of the body authorized to deal with public procurement, while the bodies authorized to oversee procurement will have no right to interfere

The Verkhovna Rada with 231 votes has passed amendments to legislation on public procurement. The document, among other things, specifies the grounds for applying procurement procedure from one bidder and a new mechanism for using the procedure for such procurement. According to this, there is no need to receive the agreement of the body authorized to deal with public procurement.

In addition, the bodies which are authorized to carry out supervision in the area of procurement do not have the right to interfere in the procurement procedure.

Serhiy Teryokhin from the opposition BYuT bloc, says that these amendments will make it possible to carry out procurement with only one bidder at the demand of the President and officials.

“Whereas previously procurement for the needs of the government and officials was provided for within the framework of general tender procedure, now such procurement will be carried out without mandatory tender procedure”. Teryokhin added that the law makes it possible to carry out procurement for Euro 2012 without any tender procedure.  He says that this means that the 14 billion UAH allocated from the budget for the Euro 2012 programme will be spent with no tender procedures, and now they won’t even have to invent procedure for procurement from one bidder. 

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