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New law on Public procurement means information about most tenders will be concealed

18.05.2011    source:
A week after the Law on Access to Public Information came into force, amendments to the law on public procurement will considerably reduce the amount of information available in the vital area of public procurement and tenders


According to journalist Yury Nikolov, one of the heads of the project «Наші гроші». Our Money believes that the Law on Amendments to Some Legislative Acts on Public Procurement, passed by the Verkhovna Rada on 17 May narrows the grounds for publication of tender documentation and therefore makes it more difficult for the public to gain access to them.

“We will be informed about a smaller number of tenders, about a smaller amount of money spent on public procurement. And that which is informed will have less information about what happened at the tender”.

He said that the main negative change in legislation is that the public, including journalists, will be deprived of access to information about public procurement of State enterprises.

“If in a year there are tenders to the value of around 300 billion UAH, with this law coming into effect, we won’t be able to receive information about tenders amounting to around 200 billion. This information will simply be concealed”.

Mr Nikolov explained that from now on the funds of State enterprises and enterprises where the State owns over 50% of the shares are removed from the force of the law and will be regulated by a future Cabinet of Ministers Resolution. “What that will be, nobody at the moment knows”.  He said that he had spoken with the person who presented the draft law in the Verkhovna Rada and was told that there isn’t even a draft Cabinet of Ministers resolution.

Access to information about tenders will also be impeded by an innovation concerning procurement from one bidder. Now the body ordering the purchase chooses the procedure, carries it out and perhaps refrains from providing any information about the procurement. 

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