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Yury Lutsenko says he will continue his hunger strike



On Wednesday Iryna Lutsenko, wife of the former Minister of Internal Affairs and leader of the People’s Self-Defence Party reported that doctors have found that her husband is suffering from new complaints linked with his hunger strike, including an inflammation of the digestive track and duodenal ulcer. A neuro-pathologist also identified impaired functioning of the brain blood vessels.

After visiting her husband, Iryna Lutsenko told reporters that Yury Lutsenko wished to thank all who are concerned about his life and health.

She said that her husband has not received any response, either positive or negative, from the Prosecutor General. “However even without a written response all is clear.

… In the last few days the Prosecutor General has, by his own personal decision, changed the decision of the PGO investigator regarding the head of Chernovetsky’s faction and changed remand in custody to a signed undertaking”.  After making a comparison between her husband and the said detainee, she points out that Lutsenko’s remand remains unchanged.

She passed on her husband’s words: “I am not stopping my hunger strike. I want to show that I will fight on. Now it’s up to the court”.

The Prosecutor General’s Office reported on Monday that Yury Lutsenko’s case has been passed to the court.

At the end of April, the Danish Helsinki Committee on Human Rights published a report analyzing human rights violations in the cases of two former high-ranking officials in ex-Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko’s government: Yury Lutsenko and Yevhen Korniychuk.Lutsenko is being held in custody as one of the main figures in the opposition ( 

The Danish human rights group is the latest of many international organizations to express concern over Lutsenko’s continued remand in custody. As reported, he was arrested on 26 December last year with the help of an SBU Special Forces Alfa unit when he left his home to walk the dog.

Yury Lutsenko is charged with abuse of position and causing losses to the State. He rejects the accusations and calls them politically motivated. 

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