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Kyiv Protesters put Demands to the Government

20.05.2011    source:
Participants in the Spring Protest March on Thursday passed a resolution with demands regarding the simplified system of taxation, a ban on monitoring checks of small businesses, as well as an end to persecution of Tax Code protesters, real efforts against corruption etc


Participants in the Spring Protest March held outside parliament on Thursday passed a resolution with demands of an economic nature.  The resolution was passed by a general vote among those presents. The protesters are calling on the government to:

adopt “People’s reforms” (a package of draft laws aimed at retaining the simplified system of taxation; imposition of a moratorium on monitoring checks of small businesses; establishment of a standard social security contribution which is manageable for small businesses; removal of this contribution for pensioners and people with disabilities);

pass a Declaration of Economic Freedom.

reassess the size of the subsistence minimum;

increase salaries and pensions;

impose a moratorium on the price of communal charges;

stop the uncontrolled rise in food prices.

put the money received from privatizing Ukrtelecom into the Pension Fund in order to increase the minimum level of pension provisions and prevent an increase in retirement age.

abolish the tax police;

put an end to persecution of activists from the Tax Code Maidan (the protests against the new Tax Code late last year.  At least eight people are facing disturbingly far-fetched criminal charges – translator)

The protesters also called for a stop to land reforms which they contend will lead to all the land ending up in the hands of large capital.

They demanded that a real battle against corruption be undertaken at all echelons of power. Personal liability of officials should be imposed for abuses.

Reports regarding numbers varied widely.  Radio Svoboda’s Yevhen Solonina said that there were around 5, 000 protesters.  Two western press sources – the Financial Times and Associated Press put the figure much lower (1000-1500). 

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