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Public Information Act is for others, not Kramatorg’s Mayor

26.05.2011    source:


Hennady Kostyukov, Mayor of Kramatorg, has refused to provide a copy of his income declaration to journalists. The response from the Council’s Executive Comiittee to an information request has been published by the Deputy Editor of the newspaper “Kramatorg News”, Andriy Romanenko, on his Facebook page.

The Executive Committee considers that Article 6 of the Law on Access to Public Information does not apply to the Mayor, since Kostyukov has a third category post in bodies of local self-governmentt.

Article 6 of the Law stipulates that “the declarations of people seeking or occupying electoral office in bodies of power, public servants or officials of bodies of local self-government  of the first or second category shall not be information on restricted access. 

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