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Human Rights Ombudsperson also calls for Tax Code Protester’s release

22.06.2011    source:


The Ombudsperson, Nina Karpachova has appealed to the Pechersky District Court in Kyiv asking that it chooses a form of preventive measure other than remand in custody against Serhiy Kostakov, one of the participants in the demonstrations against the Tax Code in late November last year. 

She states that Serhiy Kostakov and his defence cousnsel, Volodymyr Lesyk, have written to her. They stress that there is no proof that Serhiy Kostakov was involved in damaging the car, and say that his involvement is confirmed only be vague testimony from the driver and witnesses who are all police officers.

Ms Karpachova believes that by applying such a severe preventive measure as remand in custody, the court has failed to take into account that Serhiy Kostakov is married and is supporting an underage children, parents, that his mother suffers from diabetes and several other illnesses; that he works as an engineer and has received a good character reference from his work, and that he has a medically certified blood circulation problem.

As reported the court hearing scheduled for 20 June has now been postponed, this time until 11 July.  Serhiy Kostakov has already been quite nwarrantedly held on remand for almost seven months after being arrested on 1 December 2011.  He is accused of having damaged a car during the peaceful protest against the Tax Code in late November 2010.

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