war crimes in Ukraine

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And another death in police custody

28.06.2011    source:
A 44-year-old detainee died on Monday 27 June in a Kharkiv temporary holding facility after being detained on Friday on suspicion of stealing a gas cylinder


A 44-year-old detainee died on Monday 27 June in a  Kharkiv temporary holding facility. This was reported by the Public Relations Department of the Kharkiv Regional Ministry of Internal Affairs. The report states that the man who had several previous convictions was taken to the temporary holding facility on the evening of 24 June on suspicion of having stolen a gas cylinder from a neighbour.

On 26 June at 18.15 he complained of feeling bad and supposedly an ambulance arrived 15 minutes later and gave him medical care. This all happened again and the doctors, according to the police report, gave a preliminary diagnosis linking his state to a problem with blood vessels and chronic alcoholism.

An ambulance was again called at around 4 a.m. on 27 June and confirmed the man’s death. The police report says that a forensic medical examination found the cause of death to be a post-ischemic stroke.

The report states that an official investigation is being carried out. 

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