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President “won’t tolerate language of ultimatums” from journalist

09.07.2011    source:
Yanukovych defended his “right” to invite only those he wishes to see the vast estate he lives at Mezhyhirya, and effectively stated that the owners of the swimming pool, plane hangar and other parts of the estate live abroad


During a press conference on 8 July the President was asked the following: “We have been trying for a year now to ascertain who owns those other parts of the territory of the reserve Mezhyhirya.  We are interested, for example, in who owns the tennis court where you engage in sport, the hanger where you keep your plane, the yacht club. Who owns the swimming pool: you swim 5 kilometres in this pool, is that not right? Who owns the club house which you spoke about?”

Mr Yanukovych first decided to explain why he had called journalists from Stop Censorship biased (during the interview with a very select group of journalists, see

In the first instance I want to say why I sometimes answer you like that. We have known each other for a long time now, to be able to draw conclusions who is who. But I will never tolerate the language of ultimatums. That language which you use with me”

He also remind Mustafa Nayem of the events of 6 June when the President’s Press Secretary Darya Chepak tried to greet the journalists who had gathered near the entrance to Mezhyhirya with flowers and a cake.  “And you even had enough to offend your colleague on your special day (6 June is Journalist Day)”, Viktor Yanukovych said then turned to Ms Chepak, asking her if she had left Stop Censorship.  She asserted that she had been expelled.

“A, you were expelled”, the President repeated and laughed, then continued answering Mustafa Nayem’s question.

You know what a person’s own home means for each person. It is that sacred thing that you wouldn’t like to be touched by any hands. I am the same as everybody. I am also a living person. You may not find a president who would invite people into his bedroom. Do you know such?  That is your business which you are engaged in, I have other matters which I regard as more important for the country, for people, and I devote virtually all my time to them. But I continue to play tennis, swim. If you need the owner (of the above-mentioned items which are not necessarily part of “everybody’s” own home – translator), look for them, I’m sure they’ll be found. They sometimes come to the county”.

Later Yanukovych suggested to a journalist: “Let’s agree that I, like any person, invite as guests only those whom I want to”. 

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