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Prosecutor General seeks Landik’s extradition from Russia

20.07.2011    source:
This follows public outrage over video footage which seems to clearly show Roman Landik, son of a National Deputy [MP] from the Party of the Regions, himself a recently elected deputy of the Luhansk City Council, trying to chat up a girl and then beating her up when rebuffed


The Prosecutor General’s Office has sent the Russian Prosecutor General a request for the extradition of “one of the deputies of a city council”.

Information agencies are clear that this refers to Roman Landik against whom a criminal investigation has been initiated over the incident earlier in July in a Luhansk restaurant.

After he failed to appear for questioning he was declared on the wanted list and soon detained in Russia.

In the last few days the Minister of Internal Affairs A. Mohylyov stated that a Russian court will consider his extradition in the near future. It turns out, however, that the extradition request was only sent today, 19 July. The Ministry of Internal Affairs had previously explained that the process could take several months.

Due to the considerable publicity over the case, President Yanukovych has promised that the criminal case will be examined quickly and that Roman Landik “will have to answer for this”.

Landik’s father and uncle are National Deputies from the Party of the Regions.

20-year-old Maria Korishunova who suffered serious injuries after being beaten (by Landik in the restaurant after she rejected his advances) has been discharged from hospital. Her relatives have asked for protection while the investigation is underway.

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