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Court adds Tymoshenko’s notes on Twitter to the prosecution case

26.07.2011    source:


On Monday Judge Rodion Kireyev added material from the Twitter page of former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko to the criminal prosecution against her over the gas contracts with Russia at the beginning of 2009.

Judge Kireyev make his decision after viewing the relevant notes provided by the representative of the prosecution, Lilia Frolova.

“Bearing in mind the historical circumstances of these court proceedings, I would ask you to include the material to these proceedings since they supplement very well the whole picture of what is happening here. I also suggest that you add my school diary for the fifth grade and a couple of herbariums”, Ms Tymoshenko said in response to the judge’s question.

The Prosecutor, Ms Frolova had asked the court to add Ms Tymoshenko’s Twitter comments regarding her attitude to the events in the court, the actions of Judge Kireyev, of the Prosecutors, of the authorities as well as material and interviews with supports of Yulia Tymoshenko on the Internet.

The application elicited laughter from Ms Tymoshenko who turned to Frolova and said “Shoot me!”

One of Ms Tymoshenko’s lawyers, Mykola Siry lodged an objection to the Prosecutor’s application saying that such an artificial accumulation of material from the Internet complicated and trial and the work of the defence.

Judge Kireyev rejected this and added the Twitter material to the case file.

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