Good News at Last: mandate refugee Denis Solopov released!



Denis Solopov, Moscow artist and civic activist who had been held in a Kyiv SIZO (detention unit) since March pending a decision on the extradition request from Russia has been released and has gone to the Netherlands which, unlike Ukraine, found grounds for offering him political asylum.  

Denis Solopov was an active participant in last year’s protests against the felling of Khimki Forest in the Moscow Region in order to build a highway. He came to Ukraine in search of asylum fleeing what he considers persecution by the Russian authorities.

A Russian court had previously found Denis, his brother Mykola and another activist of the Antifa movement, Oleksy Taskarov guilty of storming the Khimki Administration building. He denied any involvement in the protest where the building was shot out with shock pistols and several empty bottles thrown though windows.

The Kyiv Office of the UNHCR, after looking at his documents, gave him mandate refugee status. However on 2 March he was remanded in custody following an extradition request from the Russian authorities

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