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Gorky Park – and democratic rights – under siege again


Reports are coming in that after the illegal felling of over two thousand trees and brutal suppression of peaceful protest in May and early June 2010, attempts are again underway to destroy more of the Park.  Activists trying to protect the trees – and uphold the law - have been detained by police.  

Felling began at 6.45 a.m. with loggers, accompanied by municipal guards, appearing at the Park.  Activists managed to protect the next area of trees under threat and the loggers left. 

However those with an interest in destroying the Park have chosen another tactic and the loggers soon returned this time with the police. They cordoned the area off with tape and called it a construction site.

As always no documents (permits, plans etc) were provided.

The police detained two of the activists endeavouring to prevent this illegal felling – Artyom and Anna Polyak.

Information received suggests that the police are behaving in an aggressive manner and they refused to give the journal for the two detained activists to sign. 

More information as it comes to light. 

Last year the city authorities carried out entirely unlawful logging using strongmen from a non-existent municipal department and the police to crush peaceful protest (see the Open Appeal to the Council of Europe Human Rights Commissioner  , Lawless Start to Euro 2012, and other links below)

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