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Russian “extradition check” regarding Landik

11.08.2011    source:
A month has passed since the son of a Regions Party MP and himself a deputy, Roman Landik was apparently detained in Russia after a video showing him beating up a young woman in a restaurant elicited public outrage and promises that the case would not be quietly shelved

Following the media and Internet publicity from video footage showing Roman Landik, son of a National Deputy [MP] from the Party of the Regions and himself a recently elected deputy of the Luhansk City Council, trying to chat up a girl and then beating her badly when rebuffed, Landik fled to Russia and there were public statements made promising that he would be caught and charges laid.  He was apparently detained in Russia and a request for his extradition issued.  That was a month ago.  Last week there were rumours that he was not in detention in Russia, and in general scepticism is high as to the charges of his being made to answer for the assault.

The BBC Ukrainian Service reported on Wednesday that in response to its information requestion, the  Russian Prosecutor General’s Office informed that they were carrying out “an extradition check” regarding extraditing Roman Landik to Ukraine, and that according to the results of this check in accordance with Russian legislation and international norms, a decision would be taken. 

It confirmed that he had been remanded in custody and was being held in a detention unit in Krasnodar. There is no mention of the conditions he is being held in.

Roman Landik, following the attack recorded on video, has been accused of “hooliganism”.  The video shows him beating up a young woman, and later beginning to drag her by the hair around the floor.

This took place during the night from 4 to 5 July, and he was declared on the international wanted list on 9 July. The video, posted on the Internet, demonstrates the cynical atmosphere in the restaurant – the conflict and indifference from the other people.

New information from a report by the BBC Ukrainian Service

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