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Poland: Dismissals over Belarusian human rights activist’s arrest

17.08.2011    source:


Poland’s Prosecutor General Andrzej Seremet announced on Tuesday that the Head of the Prosecutor’s Office department responsible for passing information to the Belarusian authorities about Ales Bialiatski  and his deputy have both lost their jobs. 

As reported, the Polish Prosecutor-General's Office passed banking information to the Belarusian authorities about Ales Bialiatski, Chair of the Viasna Human Rights Centre and Vice-President of the International Federation for Human Rights.  The Lithuanian authorities were unfortunately also “helpful”.

At least in the Polish case, the Prosecutor’s Office had permission, if not direct instructions, to not cooperate with Belarus in cases like that of Andrzei Bialiatski.  Like any other former socialist country, Poland has had more than enough experience of the Criminal Code being used as a weapon against dissidents and human rights defenders.

Ales Bialiatski’s arrest on 4 August elicited protest and calls for his release from European and international bodies.  It is believed to be direct persecution for his human rights activities under the pretext of charges of tax evasion.

Please see and take part in the protest action organized by Viasna.

Information about the dismissals from Gazeta Wyborcza

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