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All thrown out of Yury Lutsenko’s tiral for laughing

23.08.2011    source:
Judge Vovk ejected everybody, including journalists, seemingly incensed by laughter in response to words from Yury Lutsenko about the prosecutors


In the continuing trial of former Minister of Internal Affairs, Yury Lutsenko, Judge Vovk on Monday took the decision to remove all but the parties to the case from the hearing.  This included journalists.  The decision was taken after there was general laughter from the courtroom in response to Lutsenko’s speech prompted by a statement from the Prosecutor.

During the hearing the lawyer had asked that the people with aggrieved status in the case be questioned. Two of them are seriously ill – one has cancer, the other is paralyzed.

Yury Lutsenko said that he was happy for one of them to give written testimony, and that the other be represented by somebody.

In response to this the Prosecutor stated that if the lawyer and Lutsenko would not agree, it was necessary to remove the lawyer. Lutsenko was outraged and said: “When I try to meet you halfway and refuse to have an ill person included  in the trial, they say they need to take my lawyer away!”

“Those three are moral monsters”., he added, meaning the prosecutors.

This aroused the laughter which in turn so aroused the Judge’s rage that the latter threw everybody out.

In the afternoon, Judge Vovk adjourned the trial until 29 August. 

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