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Did the Polish Prosecutor provide information about other Belarusian opposition figures?

31.08.2011    source:

The Polish Helsinki Foundation on Human Rights has sent a letter to the Prosecutor General asking for information as to whether the Prosecutor passed on information to the Belarusian authorities about any other opposition figures.  It states that according to its information, several Belarusians involved with the Viasna Human Rights Centre have been forced to reamin in Vilnius, and not return to their own country for fear of political repression and arrest.

These include Valentin Stefanovic, Tatyana Reviaka and Vladimir Labkovich. Their families in Belarus are left with nothing to live on.

As reported here, it was learned at the beginning of August that Poland’s Prosecutor General had provided the Belarusian authorities with information about the Head of Viasna, Ales Bialiacki.  Although the reason the bank account was in Bialiacki’s name is that the authorities had formally dissolved the organization, and the money in the account was for Viasna to help people facing persecution,   Ales Bialiacki is now facing charges of tax evasion. The case has elcited statements of concern and calls to release fthe human rights defender from all around the world.  It has also appalled many Polies and Lithuanians, since the latter’s authorities also obliging provided Lukashenko’s repressive regime with information. 

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