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Judge Kireyev now threatens to eject journalists who asked him to speak up

01.09.2011    source:

The presiding judge in the trial of former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko has threatened to remove journalists attending the court hearings over their request for him to speak up since you can’t hear him. The Interfax correspondent present says that at many court hearings Kireyev speaks fairly quietly, raising his voice only for cautions and reprimands.

On Wednesday the court was considering a number of submissions from Tymoshenko’s lawyers, including applications to have documents included.  The journalists found it difficult to understand what exactly was being talked about because of Judge Kireyev’s quiet voice and indistinct diction.

The therefore penned a joint appeal to Kireyev, asking him to speak louder since if a correspondent misunderstands information, this  can lead to distortion of the essence of the news and have adverse consequences.

During the lunch break they were unable to register the appeal in the court office and therefore, after the break, tried to ask the judge verbally to speak up. He did not react in any way.

At the hearing itself, after another submission could not be understood, several media representatives asked the judge to speak up.

At this point Kireyev quite loudly called for silence in the court and said that for infringements of order those responsible would be ejected.

During the second break the journalists succeeded in registering their application. This includes the words: “We would draw your attention to the fact that accuracy of the information which journalists pass on from the court hearings has significant influence in how the proceedings are viewed both in Ukraine, and by the international community.”

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