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Kharkiv’s TV ATN files law suit against Sanitary Service

21.09.2011    source:

TV ATN has filed a suit with the Kharkiv District Administrative Court against the Kharkiv Sanitary Hygiene Service, ATN Director, Oleh Yukht reports.

It was the Chief Doctor of this Service, Irina Zubkova who issued the instruction to have the work of the station which provided ATN’s signal stopped.

The reason for the ban was the lack of a sanitary passport. However when a sanitary passport issued by the Central Sanitary Hygiene  Service of the Health Ministry was presented to the Kharkiv Sanitary Hygiene Station, the decision cutting off the channel’s broadcasting was not revoked.

As reported, ATN and two other channels in Kharkiv were removed from air last week.  The excuses were varied, the result – Kharkiv viewers have been deprived of the TV channels which provided information critical of the Mayor of Kharkiv, Gennady Kernes and the local and central authorities.

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