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Roman Landik extradited to Ukraine to face charges

23.09.2011    source:


Former member of the Luhansk City Council, Roman Landik, who has been charged with beating up a young woman, has been returned to Ukraine from Russia.  The Prosecutor General’s Office states that he will now face trial.

On 7 July, the Luhansk Regional Prosecutor initiated a criminal investigation against Landik on charges of disorderly conduct (Part 3 of Article 296) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. 

Landik’s attack was recorded on video and the clip was posted on the Internet. The injured woman, aged 20, was hospitalized with concussion and bruises.
After the media reported the case, Landik was expelled from the Regions Party and from the party’s faction in the Luhansk City Council.
He was put on the wanted list and detained near Krasnodar.

Roman Landik’s father is a National Deputy from the Party of the Regions. 

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