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Young Kharkiv residents demand the return of TV ATN

24.09.2011    source:

a placard reading VIEWER, then "Freedom of speech needs to be fought for"

On Friday young Kharkiv citizens came out onto Freedom Square in support of the three Kharkiv television channels taken off air last week: ATN, Fora and A/TVK.  The initiators of the protest action decided to demonstrate on themselves what would happen to viewers if they were deprived of the right to choose information themselves.

Members of various youth and other NGOs came out to demand the reinstatement of the channels’ broadcasting capacity as well as in defence of freedom of speech generally. They were joined by ordinary viewers who saw the announcement about the action on social networks.

The organizers prepared a performance graphically showing the difference between when journalists freely present information in a democratic society, and how the Kharkiv authorities are acting: first they try to shut journalists up, then they bind TV viewers’ eyes.

The activists are determined to continue their demonstration in defence of freedom of speech until their demands regarding the reinstatement of the TV channels are met. They want the right to choose to live with their eyes open.

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