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Kyiv Media Union believes authorities planning pressure on the media during the elections

27.09.2011    source:

The Kyiv Independent Media Trade Union believes that the pro-regime majority in the Verkhovna Rada which refused to support draft Law 7282 proposing a moratorium on checks of the media during the elections is planning to apply pressure on the media .  According to the Union’s Press Service, “the tax inspectors, the Prosecutor’s office, the police and other bodies with the right to carry out checks will become involved. Insubordinate media outlets will have pressure brought to bear or even be closed down for totally fabricated reasons..

Such practice has already been begun before the beginning of the elections by some authorities. For example, in Kharkiv they have already closed three TV channels”, the Head of the Union, Yury Lukanov says.

The Kyiv Independent Media Trade Union believes that it is not yet too late for deputies to rectify the situation and introduce a ban on checks in the future law on the elections. The Union calls on colleagues to support such a moratorium.

Yury Lukanov warns that without such a moratorium, Kharkiv’s “experience” will be extended throughout Ukraine and media outlets in all regions will suffer from repressive actions.

On 23 September the Verkhovna Rada rejected draft Law No. 2782 on amendments to laws which would make it impossible for checks to be carried out on media outlets during the election campaign.  The Party of the Regions and Communists refused to support it.

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