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Court decisions in Pukach case also hidden from the public

04.10.2011    source:


Ukrainska Pravda reports that the resolutions and decisions of Judge Melnyk from the Pechersky District Court in the trial of  former MIA General and Head of the Department of Intelligence and Foreign Surveillance, Oleksy Pukach are not on open access.  This can be seen by checking the webpage of the Single State Register of Court Rulings. If you look under the case number 1-368/11. there are 5 rulings (3 ukhvaly, 2 postanovy depending on type: ukhvaly would probably be responding to an application – translator).  You cannot read them, however, with the site informing you that the link is wrong or out of date.

According to Ukrainian legislation, only the protocols of court hearings into the Pukach case are classified as secret. All court rulings should be on open access. 

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