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PACE Monitoring Committee expresses concern about ongoing criminal trials against former government members

10.10.2011    source:

The Monitoring Committee of the Parliamenatry Assembly of the Council of Europe held an exchange of views with the Danish Helsinki Committee on the findings contained in its monitoring report of the trials against four former government members in Ukraine.

Following this exchange of views the committee expressed its concern regarding the criminal prosecution of former government members. In addition, the Committee noted that many of the procedural and substantial shortcomings observed during these trials directly stem from the fact that, after 15 years of membership of the Council of Europe, the successive governments of the country have failed so far to fulfil to conduct a comprehensive reform of the judicial and criminal justice system

The committee therefore decided to ask its rapporteurs to visit the country early November and to request a debate on the functioning of democratic institutions for the Assembly winter part-session in January 2012.

In addition, it decided to invite the Minister of Justice of Ukraine to one of its next committee meetings for an exchange of views on the reform of the criminal justice system as well as on the ongoing trials against former government members.

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