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Torment continues for Ihor Indylo’s Parents

26.10.2011    source:
Despite promises to Ihor Indylo’s mother that the whole truth would be uncovered about how her son died in police custody only hours after entering in perfectly good health, the Prosecutor is continuing to push a police version which seems at odds with the video footage we can all view

Yehor Sobolyev writes of the latest court hearing over the death of Ihor Indylo, the young student who died last May on the eve of his twentieth birthday in police custody.

There were protests, cries that court hearings should be open, outside the courtroom where young Judge Oleksy Panasyuk is presiding over the second court examination of the circumstances around Ihor’s death.

Ihor’s mother describes the injuries and bruises on Ihor’s body: on his arms, elbows, around the liver. After a year and a half, she is able to list them calmly. During all that time there have been forensic examinations, testimony, applications. There was a four month court case in the same court as now – the Desnyansky District Court in Kyiv. That time Judge Margarita Vasylyeva rejected the investigators’ version that Ihor had fallen from a bench in the cell, and sent the case back for further investigation.

As reported, the Prosecutor got that ruling revoked in a different court and the case is again being examined in the Desnyansky Court. Only the presiding judge is different, otherwise it’s all familiar for Ihor’s parents.

“We collected the body, travelled home”  Ihor’s mother, remembering that time, begins to cry. “At home there were a lot of people and we didn’t disturb him. He also had a big bruise on his right temple”.

Prosecutor Syoma is not interested in testimony about Ihor’s injuries after a night in police custody. Instead she asks his parents in detail whether he had lots of injruries in childhood. Then she asks whether he drank a lot. The Prosecutor is trying with all her might to push her version from the first court case - that Ihor was hopelessly drunk.

Yet it is quite clear from the video that when officer Prykhodko brought Ihor into the police station, the latter was perfectly steady on his feet.  An hour later he was being dragged along the floor to the cell which he did not leave alive. (see Video footage shows Ihor Indylo’s last hours)

Ihor’s hostel-mate, Sashko Khomenko knows what happened then as he went to the police station together with Ihor. Since that evening he hasn’t wanted to talk either with journalists or with Ihor’s parents, and at the first trial he repeated the police version. He didn’t appear when summoned by the new judge for 14.00. Judge Panasyuk will be summoning him again for next Tuesday. On Wednesday the security guard whose conflict with Ihor is claimed by the police officer to have been the reason that Ihor was detained, will be giving testimony, together with the head of the police station  left after Ihor’s death.  He retired.

The photo is from last year when Ihor’s mother met with Viktor Yanukovych. Then the President promised that the investigation would reveal all.

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